Sports Lightings

Sports Lighting

Green Arc is committed to providing exceptional LED-powered sports lighting for use across all court and field surfaces for an array of sporting facilities catering to such sports as soccer, tennis, rugby, hockey, football, cricket, golf, and more. Engineered in collaboration with installers, our LED fixtures, including our proprietary, custom-designed Eclipse® LED light fixtures, are resistant to water and dust, provide years of reliable service, and reduce direct energy usage substantially. The incorporation of computer-designed optics makes our lighting systems ideal for both amateur and professional purposes, in either direct or indirect lighting layouts. Moreover, the systems can feature computer controls that facilitate operation and maximize energy benefits.

For all indoor venues and outdoor sports fields and surfaces (at night), we first conduct a comprehensive onsite diagnostic of existing lighting, and then put together a detailed proposal for new installation or retro-conversion. To ensure proper installation, our team employs its own installation methods and exclusively handles all LED lighting projects from inception to completion.

Our objective is first and foremost to transform a facility with inefficient legacy fixtures into one illuminated by sustainable, high-efficiency, performance-enhancing LED lighting for a broad range of customers and facility types. By doing so, we are effectively helping a facility reduce its combined energy footprint, including carbon emissions, and reduce maintenance and cleaning.

Since many outdoor sports lighting installations want to convert to new standards of efficiency and are increasingly demanding significantly better performance, our LED lighting solutions are perfectly aligned to meet these expectations.

In approximately 90% of cases, we are able to use existing masts and cabling and equip them with LED system components, with no additional investments needed.

Green Arc’s Eclipse™ LED light fixtures can reduce direct energy usage by as much as 62%.


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